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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kingfisher Lake...

I've just been to Kingfisher lake, near Thunder Bay for the first time. Its an awesome facility run by Lakehead Public Schools who owns and operates this  Outdoor Education Centre, a unique facility offering curriculum linked experiential education. It provides a multitude of year-round opportunities to instill an awareness and appreciation for nature and the environment while enhancing classroom learning.  Daytrips and residential excursions offer enriched learning that complements the Ontario Curriculum for all grade levels in Science, Biology, Geography, Art, and Literacy as well as Health and Physical Education.Amongst the facility are some beautiful log cabins, which overlook the lake.

What a fantastic place. We spent the afternoon snow shoeing in the forest on some pretty nice trails, hiking over the frozen lake and watching some people out skiing on the lake.

That made me realize just how important experiential programming is for the students at the public school board and how we should all get behind the students having this outdoor experience.

Kingfisher lake is located about 20km north of Thunder Bay. There is also a public access trail next to the school facility. Superior Hiking association has a link on their website with photos of the public trail. They call the trail an easy hike. It is about 4.5km return over easy(ish) terrain. The link to their website is http://superiorhiking.com/kingfisher/

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