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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CBC News article on the benefits of learning outdoors

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This article says everything about the benefits of children learning outdoors. Standards in education have pushed children to the point of high anxiety of testing and exam scores. Learning outside has been proven time and time again to benefit children in more than one way. Outdoor education is not a new idea, but it is growing in popularity throughout the world. An outdoor classroom can also include a garden to teach children about healthy nutrition and lifestyles. Children spend the majority of their day in school. Schools have a huge potential to advocate for healthy lifestyles and nutrition and help reduce the growing world epidemic of obesity and its related illnesses. Have outside time as a time for learning in schools. Schools can design and implement outdoor classrooms as part of their school grounds. Ideas on how to implement a school grounds greening can be found on this blog, along with ideas on step by step process of starting a project from committee forming to its conclusion. Funding is available from many sources in Canada. You can also check out my blog for more funding ideas.

I was watching some kids play at a local Montessori preschool last Summer. The children were so creative in their games, running through trees and climbing over logs. Outdoor time is essential in the Montessori method. Maria Montessori recognized decades ago that children use every moment learning about their environment. At this preschool there is also a vegetable garden, where the children are encouraged to plant and take care of the vegetables and fruits. They are encouraged to water them in the Summer and the vegetables are used in the kitchen. 

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