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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Place Based Learning...

More information on my learning about different learning theory.

Place based learning studies the interplay between community and the environment. Place-based learning encourages teachers and students to use the school site, the local community, and special places nearby as resources, turning communities into classrooms.

It immerses students in local heritage, culture, landscapes, opportunities, and experiences as a foundation for the study of language, arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and other subjects.
It begins with asking students how they fit into the larger world and encourages students and educators to get out of the classroom and into the community and natural environment.
A growing body of literature suggests there are many benefits of place based learning. These include higher test scores, improved classroom behaviour, increased self-esteem and higher problem solving abilities. 
Place based learning immerses students into local heritage and environment, providing direct learning opportunities for a sense of belonging and community.
for further information see www.ecoliteracy.org and  http://www.placebasedlearning.co.uk/

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